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Connect wifi network to Pixma MG7700 printer


I have used my MG7700 printer for years connected directly to my wifi network because multiple people in our household use the printer. We are able to connect to it directly from our laptops and smart phones in this way when we want to print.

Recently I had to change the name and password of the wifi network for security reasons. I can no longer get the printer to connect to the system when I select it from a list of possible networks. It will not let me update the new password the way my smartphone or laptop does, but instead simply searches for the network and then doesn't access it because the error message says its incorrect. The error message says the router settings might be wrong, but the router is fine. Our laptops and smart phones are all connected to it. Is there a way to simply select a network system and enter a new password? I can see the neighbor's systems and when I select those the printer will ask me for the password, but it will not do the same for my system. Any suggestions?


Thanks for the help. That person's situation was very similar to mine, however that solution did not work. My network is listed (with the new network name), but when I select it and the printer tries to connect with it, I get the same error message. It is not giving me the option of entering the new password the way my laptop or iPhone do, which is what I believe to be the problem.

I wonder if 1-800-OK-CANON could help with it.  I've seen the number referenced quite a few times in this forum.