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Canon TS9100 Networking Issues



I currently have a few questions over a printer I bought over a year ago. I've just made the upgrade into a wired network instead of my old wireless one, not only that but I've built my first computer. Now the computer I used to have this printer with is still in storage, but nonetheless I was forced to use the USB connection to link my printer and my new computer, which is connected through a USB hub. Problem is, whenever I try to print anything I have to switch over to my wireless network for both my PC and Printer, which 50% of the time does and doesn't work.

And yes, I have tried the Wired LAN setting on my Printer but, even that doesn't even work. I only have two ethernet ports out of the three i have built in on my wall (due to the third one being defective) so I have to use a ethernet hub that connects both my Printer and the secondary ethernet port available on my wall. Is this an issue that roots more into my computer or my internet? Because it's been a running issue i've been wanting to fix, but, with little to no avail.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi lr07,

Please follow these steps:

1.  Disconnect the USB cable from your PIXMA TS9120.

2.  Connect the ethernet cable from your hub to your PIXMA TS9120.

3.  Turn your PIXMA TS9120 on.

4.  Tap the gear icon at the bottom of your printer's display.

5.  Tap Settings.

6.  Tap Device settings.

7.  Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset settings.

8.  Tap Reset all and tap Yes.

9.  Tap OK.

10.  Tap the home icon in the upper left corner.

11.  Tap the gear icon at the bottom.

12.  Tap Settings.

13.  Tap Device settings.

14.  Tap LAN settings.

15.  Tap Wired LAN

16.  Tap Wired LAN active/inactive

17.  Tap Active

18.  Tap OK

19.  Tap LAN setting list.

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