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Canon G3270 Printer - Can Scan/Can Not Print


I bought a Canon G3270 printer several months ago and have set it up with my Toshiba Laptop computer about six to eight times by going to and going through the setup process over and over (software, drivers, etc.) and it still says "Printer Not Responding."  It works with my desktop computer but not my laptop computer.  Ironically, I can scan from my Toshiba Laptop to the G3270 printer and they connect and communicate but when I try to print something I always get "Printer Not Responding."  Why will it communicate with the printer for scanning but not printing?

Also, my printer is on a slideout tray at the bottom of my computer cabinet and the display screen which is only about one-inch square cannot be seen unless I get down on my hands and knees with a magnifying glass to read what the screen says.  This printer can't compare with my Pixma MG5422 printer which worked perfectly for years and years until the ink overflow containers got full and rendered the printer inoperable.  I loved that printer with its big screen four times as large as the one on this G3270.

Please tell me what I need to do to get the Toshiba Laptop to communicate with the G3270 printer not only for scanning but for printing also.

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