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Anyone heard when Canon will update CaptureOnTouch app for Catalina compatibility?


It's been 10 days since Catalina's release (and months since their beta), and I don't see any news about when the 64-bit version of the scanner software for my DR-C225 will be available. Anyone hear anything? Thanks.



Others have been asking the same question.  Post from one of the mods yesterday said their Dev team was still working on Catalina drivers.  Release was if/when they are availabe.  I know, not too definitive.


Patience will likely win the day.  I have the DR-C225II.  Catalina drivers for it are avalable now.  Hopefully the v1 will get drivers shortly.  I would check the support page for your scanner daily. 

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Got it. Thank you. If the driver is available but CaptureOnTouch is not, how do I use the scanner? I gave the DR-C225


Hi henrus.


The DR-C225 is supported up to OS Mojave (10.14). The scanner will not be supported with OS Catalina. While considering the desire to provide the best possible support for Canon's current products in a timely manner, Canon must make decisions on which products to support when operating systems are introduced. These decisions are generally based on the age of the product, technical components, and the number of product estimated to be still in use.


We understand, and sincerely apologize for the frustration this causes, but hope that you will understand our rationale.

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Thank you for your response, but this is absolutely unacceptable. You are telling me that my scanner is pretty much bricked and is no longer usable by me. The scanner is not that old. In fact, the current version, the DR-C225 II, is ALSO not compatible with Catalina, and that scanner is not that different from my model. Are you saying that customers of that scanner will also not get a new driver/software update?

It appears the Canon agent was wrong. Canon finally made a Catalina compatible set of drivers and Capture On Touch app available on 11/05/19. Thanks for posting incorrect information and then not correcting it. Canon Support is the worst. Last time I buy a Canon product.

Actually, it looks like the new driver and software for Capture On Touch does not work for the DR-C225. I tried installing it, then upgraded to Catalina, and the software will not connect to the scanner. Either this is a bug, or they Canon really does not intend for the new updates to work on Catalina. Either way, shame on Canon. Just ordered a new Epson document scanner and I will never buy another Canon product again.


Has anyone gotten the Catalina driver to work? It installs and runs normally but, when I try to scan, it returns a generic "Error. Cannot Use Driver."

I just installed the Catalina driver as well, which does not include an updated Capture-on-Touch. This is ridiculous. I intentionally waited until the Catalina drivers were updated on the support site before upgrading to Catalina and still nothing works. I'm sure a lot of other folks are being affected by this as well. We deserve a better answer from Canon support.

It’s truly unacceptable that Canon would leave so many of its customers with bricked scanners (as far as Mac users are concerned). It’s not as if these scanners are that old.
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