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Re: shutter release not working S100

Oh, I just found the link which has very clear pictures and steps on how to dismentle the S100.

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Re: shutter release not working S100

Three important things about this major surgery.

1. Devise a system for keeping track of the screws. There are a lot of them, and they are not all the same. Consider having a pill container -- the kind with a compartment for each day of the month -- and keeping a log of where each screw came from. I know that sounds like "over-kill" but there are so many screws of slightly different lengths and slightly different heads. consider correllating each screw with a log of your disassembly steps.


2. Be sure you have the right size tools. Tiny phillips head screw driver, fine needle-nose pliers, tweezers. There are some very fragile parts. I would not use pliers (or anything metal) on any of the flexible printed circuit ribbons.


3. The only inherently tricky step is reconnecting the main connector. It is delicate, but must be firmly seated. I might help to take a photo of it before separating it, to record depth. At least take a close look.


Good luck!

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Re: shutter release not working S100

Add me to the list.  Shutter button stopped working about six months ago for my wife.  I just did the usual things like reset etc and found this thread.  Very sad...not very many pics on this model as my wife relies on me to do the photography.  But it's still a good quality camera with excellent video but now will be recycled.


This was my second Canon that I loved and will be my last.  My SLRs have been Sony since the a55 and I guess our pocket cameras need to be as well.  Such a simple thing to keep customers, but clearly no one is listening.



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Re: shutter release not working S100

[ Edited ]

I brought Panasonic LX100 after my Canon broken and unable to fix it. I threw away.

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Re: shutter release not working S100

I found a workaround that I didn't see mentioned here.  I'd much rather a fully working camera (hey Canon!) but this will keep us going.  You can install CHDK using the quick install instructions here:


Once installed, you can copy the code below in to a text file with .lua at the end, and place it in the scripts folder within the CHDK folder on your camera's memory card.  Using the CHDK menu, you can load the script and set it to run automatically when the camera turns on.  Turn the camera off and back on and the script runs.


When the script is active, the half shutter button now operates as a full shutter button (yea) however no other buttons can be used (boo).  In order to zoom, you need to exit the script by pressing the play button (the default button assigned to enter the CHDK menu).  Zoom, and then press the play button again to take a picture.  In order to shoot video, you need to exit the script as well.


This works well enough for us to continue to use our S100...code is below.  I just learned a bit of lua to modify the code found here in order ot get it working on the s100.


I couldn't get CHDK to recognize the video button on my S100 so I shifted to use the half-shutter button, which feels more natural anyway.  The code turns the camera into "shoot" mode to start (so the lens is extended), that's what the set_record(1) does.  It then waits until the half-shutter button is pressed.  When it is to executes all of the steps to take a picture, including focusing, and then shoots a single picture.  It then loops back (infintely) so that you can take another photo.  As mentioned above, to take video or do anything else you need to exit the script by pressing the play button.


@title Shutter Adjust Button
@chdk_version 1.4
if (get_mode() == false ) then
while ( get_mode() == false ) do sleep(100) end

print "Press play button to exit"
if is_key("shoot_half") == true then
until (a>1)

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Re: shutter release not working S100

wow that is impressive - keep going. One day we don't need these manufacturers any more and built our own sturdy cameras that will last.

However too late for me unfortunately - I guess I ruined the camera when I was trying to replace this eletronic part...



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