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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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I looked at the other pictures also..I couldn't tell if there is a rubber seal around the mechanical shutter button ?

Also it looks like there might be just enough room to get some fine needle point probes in there to test the switch when it is acting up or wroking even.

If it did turn out to be the switch that whole flex pc would have to be changed if one could even find a new circuit board for it.

@John_ wrote:

Just saw Canon is selling refurbished S100's now for $109.99....gee I wonder why? lol

The black S110's are $179 at various retailers too.


Just throwing this into the mix.  I just removed the 6 screws from the sides and bottom and gingerly removed the front and back plates, only, and nothing else.  Then, via the front, i inserted a group of bristles from one of my wife's (clean/unused) makeup brushes, swished it around a bit, then carefully put it all back together, and it has yet to recreate the shutter lag problem.  I took about 50 pics around the house, in different light, some quickly after others, some single shots after pausing a minute or so.  So far so good.  Wasn't going to post until I'd taken more pictures thru the next week to ensure it was fixed but, hey, in case there's anyone else out there who's not feeling patient and has a somewhat broken camera and nothing to lose (I was convinced I was buying another camera).  Maybe it's worth a try before taking the camera apart further or having to use solvents, etc., all of which are risky and opportunities to further damage the camera (even if only by mistake, as I'm prone to do).  Will respond in a week w/ an update.  Thanks for all the posts encouraging me to monkey w/ it :).


Thanks for that info..where did you brush that brush around ? Near the shutter switch ?

If so either doing that or simply removing the screws and covers could have fixed it just by moving things around a little inside. Which indicates a bad connection somewhere.

What would be best is to remove some screws, try to take a picture..yes/no if no continue the same remove screws, try it yes/no? remove cover try it yes/no? etc.

What Im implying is you may have corrected it prior to getting the brush in there.

What it does indicate is in your case it is not a dirty swicth since you didnt spray any cleaner in it and most likely there is no internal problem with your switch.

Apparently my post may have been premature after all, and 'winging it' may not have worked.  I tried taking a bunch of shots this morning and while the delay wasn't as frequent or's still there.  Dangit.  I'm thinking your more methodical approach is probably necessary at this point <sigh>.  I'll post a reply if I decide to go there :).  Thanks for the info.


Well, given the lack of response from Canon I decided that I may as well have a shot at fixing. I ordered a tiny bottle of standard deoxit opened up the camera (6 screws) and carefully lay a couple of drops over the switch contact area. Not very exact but seems to have done the job. Thanks to person that suggested deoxit. Seems like good stuff. 3 days in and still going strong with no lag whatsoever. Happy bunny!

Do you mean just the 3 pairs of screws around the outside of the camera, but none of the internal screws?  And you just squirted some DeOxit into the contact area from the front?  Thanks

If you look at the photo by Ante the shutter release/focus button switch is to the left of the philips screw and directly above the black part that is labled 2D.  I squirted mine with Deoxit several weeks ago and have not had a problem since.  I squirted it a few times and let the switch soak in it for awhile before I wiped up the excess.  We have taken over 100 photos since then.  We are going away over Christmas which will be the real test.  I will send an update.

Thanks, I'm going to try it once I get some DeOxit.

Hey guys, just checking back in to update everyone on some of my previous threads about the issue I was having with my S100 and the outcome with Canon and the BBB. You can read my last update here:


Good news is after making a claim with the BBB, as others here have done and suggested, I was contacted by Canon support and they let me know that they fixed my camera courtousy of Cannon support. Funny thing is if Canon had not tried to claim that my camera also had body damage and was coming apart at the seems, which was not the case when I sent it in, then I probably would have given into the fee. To be fair, all of the Canon reps have been friendly, I just wasn't happy with some of the claims of body damage to my camera that I knew was not there when I sent it in.  Either way I am a happy camper that they fixed the shutter release for me however I still have not thoroughly tested the camera yet but with only one simple test it seems to be working. I'll give it some more tries and report back. Once I can verify that the issue has gone away I will close my claim with the BBB but so far it seems to be a happy ending for me and it may have restored my faith in Canon where at least I may consider Canon again when I decide buy an SLR as my next camera purchase.


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