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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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Gloves off! 

S100 lens error a search will bring tons of results heres a possible reason! See this link

S100 Lens error


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THIS YOURSELF, this *MAY NOT* be YOUR specific problem.  About time Canon sorted themselves out!



This is only a makeshift emergency solution that might work for you. Missing baby shots is an emergency! My camera has the same problem, though it is not in an identified problem series. Packing it overnight in a ziplock with dry-PAC things that come in shoe boxes, vitamins etc. has given me a few shots at a time. Also, my video record button still works, so I take the video, then, through the free Picassa picture file program, I "take a picture" at the chosen time in the video and save that image. Maybe it will work for you. Better than nothing! I too, got stung by Canon, thinking the high price would indicate quality. My old S90 worked many years with no issues.


Hello together

a friend of mine had the same problem with the s100.
I could fix it as follows:
I made some videos for several minutes now comes the s100 back to normal.
guess it's up to one internal buffer error.

if this should work in other cases this might be the solution ...

greeting from Germany


There are 11 pages of letters here.  Why are there constantly appearing "helpful" new strategies for overcoming this problem?  I think it is because the shutter release failure develops gradually and sporacically.  Eventually, every camera with this problem will stop taking any photos and will become a one-trick video camera, no matter what inventive steps users employ.


The simple truth is that there is no "fix" other than a repair by Canon, and even that might only be temporary.


This is a design and/or manufacturing problem which Canon is refusing to admit.  This is a big stain on Canon's reputation for making quality cameras.  I have had five Canon cameras in the last 35 years, but the S100 will probably be the last one I will buy.  Mine lasted 1.5 years, a frequent time period if you read the letters here.  Just long enough to be out of warranty.


And what is the role of "super contributors" in this forum?  Is it to try to calm the anger of disgruntled customers?



Hi IDEFIX, shooting video has sometimes seemed to allow the camera to then immediately take a few still photos as normal. But the problem very quickly returns. At the moment, I cannot get my S100 to take any pictures, except video. Camera is two years old.

 I'm sorry to say there is no such things as 'quick or magical  fixes', problems need to located and repaired otherwise other problems may inadvertently be generated....


consider various current drain on different parts of the camera, processor or the lens motor... the shutting down may be a preventative measure to prevent further damage thats what you want to think about,  ask one simple question - why wasn't there any error codes????


For intermittent shutdowns the first thing to try is cleaning the battery contacts on the camera AND on the battery ensuring they make a firm contact.



The camera isn't "shutting down". It turns on, the lens extends, it focuses perfectly. It just won't take photos upon full depression of the button. Nothing happens. However, video function is unaffected. There are no error codes. This problem seems consistent among the various users who have posted here. My s100 is now a zombie camera...dead but not dead.

I only posted the shutting down remark as a guide, because zooming would draw extra current and poor battery terminal contacts would cause a unwanted voltage drop due to poor contact resistance... then zilch, shut down.


I do understand yours and many others here problems are different and not related to the above. I did post a link on a previous post which *appears* to be totally different again.


I am sure one can understand a camera giving problems but not a whole bunch of them, this is a product problem. Doing an internet search on the S100 is frightening, very frightening.... and it's not just the S100's!


Poor do Canon!







I contacted Canon about my camera. They gave me two options: 1) participate in their customer loyalty plan, where I can send in my camera for them to refurbish and sell, while I get a discount on a refurbished camera with a one year warranty, or 2) send my camera in for repair with one of their technicians.

I was told that sending it in to be diagnosed was free, and they even gave me a free shipping label. They said the average labor charge for a repair was $149, plus parts, and that I would receive an estimate and have the option of accepting or declining the repair at that point.

My question is this: has anyone proceeded with the repair and found it successful? I've read of several instances where after the repair, the same exact issue occurred again. I would be extremely frustrated if that happened! Does the Canon repair department have a good reputation? They said the work would be guaranteed for 90 days after it is repaired, but I would fear it would break 3 months and 1 day later!

I really don't like this option, but I do not have any money to spend on an equivalent camera. If the repair is really $150ish, I think that would be cheaper for me than purchasing a new one, IF the repair works!

Thanks for any input you may be able to share!

My camera was repaired ( in Virginai) and I have received it back and used it on one trip and it is working okay so far. I sent many emails to various people at Canon complaining about the shutter release and got nowhere. When I sent  the camera for repairs, I included a detailed letter explaining why I think this is a defect in the camera and why I shouldn't have to pay to have it repaired. They didn't respond and just sent back a repair bill of around $150. I contacted the BBB in Virginia and reported the problem and Canon called me shortly after and said they were taking care of it for free. And they did.