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.mov dilemma


Many thanks in advance for the help!  Love my 330HS Powershot, esp. the movies.  But I have been struggling  with maintaining the HD quality of the original clips while attempting to get the videos to play on my Panasonic HD TV and/or Samsung blu-ray player.  I’m recording in the 1280 x 720 mode.  The .mov's look fantastic played on my PC with Quicktime.  However, I want to playthem on my home theatre, and that's where the plot thickens.


I’ve tried burning DVD’s, using trial versions of all the popular DVD-making software – none I tried so far can retain the video quality of the Canon… so I’ve seemed to reach a dead-end on the DVD-making and decided to try a different approach (streaming).  I have Vista Home Premium SP2 64-bit.


My Samsung Blu-Ray is WiFi-connected to my ASUS RT-N66U router and receives Netflix streams just fine.  I can also stream iPhone movies and 640 x 480 .movs shot with the Canon just fine.  When I stream .mov’s shot in the 1280 x 720 mode, the playback is jerky b/c the Samsung pauses to load every 3-4 seconds.  I upgraded to the ASUS from my trusty old Linksys wrt54g hoping to eliminate this jerking, to no avail.  I’ve concluded that the problem is either the increase in data in the HD .mov’s, the bit-rate, FPS or something.  BTW, I’m just tech-savvy enough to be dangerous, lol.


Dissapointed @ my lack of progress.  Hoping someone can help with guidance or suggestions, to include another approach to getting these videos in their original HD quality to play on my TV.  Thanks again & best regards - Rob



You will never get the same quality as what you see on your computer after it has been burnt to DVD.

DVD is a lower quality video, it can not play HD videos.

Does your Blu-ray player have a USB slot that you could connect a USB thumb drive into?

Because if the .MOV format is supported you could play it from there.

Thanks for the reply.   Ya, forgot to mention earlier I figured that out about maintaining HD quality on a DVD, and since I don't have a blu-ray burner, I quit the "burning to disc" route altogether.


I tried that already with the USB drive - samsung blu-ray players do not support .mov playback.  Which is too bad, that would have been the easiest way.


Thanks again for your time, still searching...

Seeing as the blu-ray does not support .moved then the only way that you could play the files would be to either convert them to a supported format or run them through a computer connected to the TV.

Thanks again.  That's what I'm working on now - streaming the .mov's through Serviio to the Samsung Blu-ray.  Which it will do, as long as I only stream SD 640 x 480 .mov's (or iphone movies, etc.)  When I stream the HD .mov's shot with the Canon, the Blu-ray players pauses to load every 4-5 seconds.  This could be a wireless issue (maybe I don't have my new router tweaked in yet.  I going to try a direct ethernet connection and see what that does.


Can I ask - how does the rest of the world view or manage their .mov's shot with their Canon?  Maybe I'm missing the forest for the trees here...


Many thanks - Rob  

Serviio is great, yeah you need great wireless for HD streaming, ethernet should be heaps better.


I have a pc permanently connected to the two main tvs in my house and they are hooked up to gigabit ethernet so I just run everything through them.

nedkelly - Upon further thought, I realized I had not tried to play .movs on the Samsung Blu-Ray through it's USB drive.  As you described, it worked!  Joy!


I had only tried to play the data files burned onto a dvd, which was not a supported format...?


I wonder why they will play through the USB port and not from a data file playing from a dvd, on the same machine?


Many thanks again for the reply! 

Most DVD and bluray players do not support playing the moved files direct from DVD, it would only work if they were played from a properly created DVS but the. You would have the same issue where it would be worse quality due to DVD


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