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Why is my shutter button release delayed when I am on P mode for Powershot SX60 HS? How to fix it?


Hi, I am new to Powershot SX60 HS. When I try to shoot recently on P mode, the shutter release button is delayed before releasing and this cause my photos to be blurred. I had no such problem previously when I bought the camera a few months back. Can anyone suggest a fix to hasten the shutter release so it will be press and capture instead of press and delay and then capture. Thanks.  




Since this only happens in low light, it is probably just a slow shutter speed being used.  The longer shutter is necessary to properly expose the image in the lower lighting conditions.  You may want to increase the ISO speed to compensate.  Press the FUNC/SET button, select ISO, then turn the dial to choose an ISO speed.  For lower lighting conditions, you will likely need to use at least ISO 800/1000 or higher.

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Hi celticfiddle!


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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the further clarifications.... I will try this out and I think it should work. 

 Thanks again.

Thank you, Scott. I will try your suggestion and thanks alot for the detailed clarification - it does help somewhat to better understand what is happening 🙂

I appreciate your insight.  I am also new to canon and have had the same problem when taking photos inside.  The delay in the shutter release and the blurred subjects has been frustrating.  This seems to happen regardless of the mode so I am assuming this is something I must learn to live with.  Any suggestions on how to use this camera indoors or do I need to use my dslr if I want to get a quality picture during family gatherings? BTW I am still trying to transition from the Nikon terminology so not quite sure of all the canon powershot sx60hs settings or functions.  I have not found a book (aside from the manual) that provides any insight into the how, what and whys of the various functions available.

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