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Canon Powershot SX710HS Wifi connectivity issues with my PC windows 8.1 64 bit .


Hi all My name is Nige and I just bought a powershot SX710HS I'm having no end of problems with the wifi conenctivity to connect it to my PC in order to download images wirelessly .

  it'll set up fine and work well  but after leaving my computer off for any length of time it simply wont connect and states conencion failed I then end up having to remove it from my device  list and re install ,  I really like this feature so I'd like to be able to use it frequently without issues .

I'd also like to ask should I have to keep opening my "PC and Devices"  in order to re-connect it ? as this is what i have to do now . Am I missing a driver ? any help would be appreciated on this most frustrating issue....  Yes I already followed the install incstructions in the downloadable manual .

cheers Nige.