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Video focus

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I am fairly new to photography and just bought the SX530 to take pictures and videos of hummingbirds that eat on our balcony. When I focus the video on the bird feeder from about 5 feet away I get great, crips videos. When I move the focal point away from the feeder, the camera jumps to the bushes in the background about 100 feet away and the feeder and birds are blurry. I have tried it on manual focus, movie mode, switched between all three focus options (center , and it comes out always blury.


I want to keep the bird  feeder in the bottom right corner, and have the focus stay at that point on the entire screen so I can catch more of the birds flying in and out.







I think you have found them correct the solution, and seem like you need someone to confirm it for you.  


Focus on the feeder, and switch off the autofocus.  This will work best if you are using a tripod, so that the distance between the camera and feeder remains fixed.  If the distance changes, then focus must be changed to correct for the distance change.


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