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The Canon Powershot Zoom is such a missed opportunity


I have one ordered on the way still but it seems like such a missed opportunity with the Canon Powershot Zoom. The name has “zoom” but it has no zoom!!!!! I don’t have the camera yet so I won’t judge it too much yet but still, why is the zoom only fixed to 100mm and 400mm? Surely a zoom rocker wouldn’t have been too difficult to implement, right? If it actually had the ability to zoom, it would be a perfect camera for me as having a pocket supertelephoto zoom camera to complement another camera would be so useful!



Did you know what you were buying? I just quickly read a review online to see what this thing is. 

It does NOT have a continuously-variable-focal length lens. It has TWO lenses that you SWITCH between to get two focal lengths, plus digital "zoom" for a third length. Actually, the word "zoom" is misapplied to it. "Zooming" implies you can move a lens through a range from short to long focal length. On this simple monocular device there is no such capability.