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Stream webcam with Powershot G7 X Mark III

I am trying to also use my new MarkIII as a webcam, I down loaded the new beta utility but when I plug in my USB-C to the camera, the camera shuts off. I think the computer is recognizing it as a storage device not as a webcam, Windows 10. Any ideas? When I open my webinar software the new beta utility shows up as an optional camera, but the screen is black because the camera will not stay on when plugged into USB

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Alpinewonders,


Thanks for checking in with us!


In your system tray, try closing out of any image-related programs. It might also help to try different USB ports on your computer since some can be stronger than others.


If problems persist, please elaborate on your setup and answer the questions below:


  • Do you have other imaging devices connected to your computer like other webcams, cameras, scanners, etc?
  • What program are you using for live streaming?
  • Can you download images from the camera using the USB cable?

No other imaging devices connected, other than the integrated webcam.
I’m using GoToWebinar
I have never tried downloading images, but when I plug in the camera to the computer via USB the computer does ask me what do you want to do with this device, down loading photos is one of the options there. Use as a webcam is not an option. I usually choose “do nothing” because all of the other options are basically acknowledging the camera as a file storage device. Would it make a difference in the length of the USB cable I’m using? I want to be able to move around with the camera so I’m using a 15ft cable. Your comment about the strength of the port makes me wonder? Also does it make a difference if my camera is connected to WiFi?

The new canon beta utility is available as a choice in my streaming platform, but it doesn’t turn on the camera.
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