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Fix for SX50HS Image Stabilizer?


I've had an SX50HS since buying it new in 2013 and have been pleased with it, especially for bird photos that I usually take at the maximum zoom of 1200mm (35mm equivalent). My photos (still, not video) are all hand-held, not tripod-mounted, made possible only by the amazing Image Stabilizer (IS). However, about 2 months ago the Image Stabilizer started having severe problems. The lens audibly makes a rapid clicking sound. In the viewfinder, the image zaps back and forth and it is impossible to see a stable image, much less take a photo. If I'm lucky, this clicking settles down after a few minutes, allowing me to photograph normally. But sometimes it keeps clicking and I can't take pictures. Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem? Is a downloadable firmware fix available from Canon? Or are there camera settings that might help? For example, the focus and IS settings I use (in P mode) are Tracking AF, IS Mode Continuous, Dynamic IS 2. Note that IS setting 2 (Reduces camera shake for movie shooting while walking) seemed to reduce the problem compared with Dynamic IS 1 (Enhanced stabilization for movie shooting when walking). 



It is a hardware issue, you have to send it in to Canon.

Dynamic IS only appies to video shooting.

Thank you. Changing the Dynamic IS setting from 1 to 2 did seem to help the problem even though it says the settings are for video. The clicking has settled down enough that I'll wait until Canon introduces a successor to the SX70, which does not get good reviews. Or switch to the Nikon P950...