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SX620 HS Settings Overriden for Video


The Canon "Camera User Guide" says on p. 53: 

Movies can be recorded in [ P ] mode as well, by pressing the movie button. However, some FUNC. (=24) and MENU (=25) settings may be automatically adjusted for movie recording.

It would be very helpful to me to know which settings are "automatically adjusted for movie recording" and what those adjusted values are.  Is there anywhere a list?  Maybe even a technical note from Canon?


Can a guy hope?


Product Expert
Product Expert

The menu settings changed are going to be minimal, just stuff that makes sense for movie shooting like preventing beeps from sounding off during a recording, but the functions can be found on page 24 as the manual says and the changes are going to be again mostly just what makes sense for video recording, like that it will use a movie file format instead of a still image format but some things will also change just by the nature of the difference between the P mode and whichever other mode you were previously on. You can press the [FUNC.SET] button on your camera to see that functions list and make any adjustments you would like as well.

My chief concern today is with auto-focus. If I have set the camera to "Center" mode, will it switch to "Face AiAF" when i start recording video? We have had some focus hunting when objects move in the scene.

I should have said, "Thanks for your reply.  My chief concern..."  I do appreciate your time.