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SX50 macro setting, not working??


I have a SX50 camera that I bought about four months ago. I am not camera savvy at all, so I hope my issue makes sense! I am keen to explore photographing close-ups of flowers but cannot get the camera to focus for this. I am trying to use the macro function on the AUTO setting, but neither turning the dial or pressing the "left" arrow (macro) button brings up the option on the screen. (In fact, in AUTO, I find that only the "top" button/dial turn and the "right" button/dial turn, work at all - I get no option of either ISO or macro. Is this normal??)


I'd be grateful for any advice.







I recently bought one too but haven't put it to use yet BUT I did just try this. It works in P which I higly recommend over Auto for anything where you don't want full control. Use P, learn Exposure Compensation & Flash Exposure Compensation & you'll be on your way to better photos. (It didn't allow Macro in auto).

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

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Yes use P mode and then you can move the focus bracket around to where there is some detail to fucus on...if it is a flat field or image with not enough detail then you will have to use manual is an awesome camera !

In addition you should consider a tripod when possible and remote shutter switch since any motion at extreme close ups or long zoom will blur the image.

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According to the manual, if you are in "Auto" mode, the camera should automatically detect the closeness of the item you are shooting and go into macro mode. That is why the macro button is not functioning when you are in Auto. Make sure you press the shutter button only halfway to allow the camera to focus, and once focused, press the button fully to take the shot.


Remember that there is a limit as to how close you can get to an object and have the camera focus. You may need to try from a little further away but use the zoom to get the close up as you want it.


Have fun and don't worry if it takes a lot of shots until you find out the best distance to get those closeups. Once you are comfortable with the camera, I would take it the next step and learn how to use the SX50 in other modes. You will be amazed at the difference it will make for your photos!

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They may be more than one way to activate macro, for instance on the control dial on the back of the camera body there is a MF with a flower picture on the left side of that dial. Press that and you have 3 opitons Macro, Normal and Manual Focus. Choose Macro and this is in "P" mode not Auto. Then if your having a focus issue you press the bracketing button right under the record button which will allows you to move that focus square around to focus the image better. Also remember that since the lens is so close to the subject very little light can get in there so an external light source is something to consider for better quality images. Also theres Manual focus and a tripod is crucial. I bought a small and very strudy one made by Silk but there are many others. Lens ring flashes/lights are good for macro and I purchased on made by Vivitar.

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This is one of my first shots at close ups last night, hope it's alright to post the pic here 🙂

Yours is even better, Vetteran!









That upper shot is remarkably detailed, settings? Post processed?

I'm envious, John 🙂

Thank you, Id like to take the credit but it was 95% camera

No post processing

Tripod and remote shutter switch, Program mode and shifted the focus bracket to a good spot. Film speed at 100. It was at max zoom of 200X

Tonight is the Full "Blood Moon" but I dont think it will be clear enough to capture it. I really hope it is. It sounds creepy but it has to do with the bending of the light etc.. Rather than explain it Google it, it is cool !

Sounds fantastic, hope the skies clear enough for a pic or two. We might not see something like it here in the UK but I'm aiming to take photos each night for the next week of the moon just in case.

By all means try but better shots of the Moon are when it's less than full. More shadows.

It was to cloudy out during the period here in North America from 2-4am. so no shots afterall.

I did notice that a less than full moon has its advantages over a full moon picture Veteran. I am still amazed at the detail this camera can capture


I"m getting the SX50 and would like to try my hand at the moon. What are the settings? or just auto zoom?