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I need your advices please


I want to buy a canon camera 

and i'm not sure yet 

i think that i'll buy this one !!

if you don't agree 

please giveme some choices


[Mod note - removed broken link]



The link you provided is not working.


Everything depends on the type of photos you are planning to take and the type of photographer you are when making a choice for a new camera. For instance, if you are the type of person who will always be shooting in the Auto mode, and posting to social media, then most low cost compact cameras should suit you fine. If you want to get a lot of fast action shots, then you may need an enthusiast camera or DSLR. If you are into wildlife, you may want a camera with a long zoom range. If you are into nature photography, then a bridge camera may be your answer.


Deciding factors will include your budget (price range), how well the camera fits in your hands, flexibility of the camera to use other shooting modes such as full manual control, and if you want to shoot in RAW mode as well as JPEG. You will need to let us know a bit more information so that the community can assist you better. Overall, the final choice will be yours as the opinions given may or may not suit your style, but should be a guide in helping you make a more informed choice.


Good luck and hope we can all help you in some way!