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SX50 Transfer issues to my Computer using a SDHC Card reader


On Christmas Eve I shot about 18 HD Videos with this SX50 HS camera.

Today, when trying to transfer videos from my DURACELL 200X SDHC 32GB FLASH CARD, to my Windows 7 PRO(64) 8GB DDR2 / INTEL Quad Q6600 2.4GHz CORE 2, USB 2.0. It just FROZE about 1/7th of the download bar.


I first tried to COPY/PASTE ALL the videos, total of 3.41GB in my Movie Folder on WIN EXplorer. Prior to this I already unloaded many Jpg pictures into another Photo Folder, with no issues.


About 1/7th into this, it froze. I went back into the WIN EXplorer to try this again, but this time, the right folder side noted that "THE FOLDER IS EMPTY", even though I saw on the 32GB Flash drive the following:

    32GB Duracell(J:)



So I had to restart the computer again, to be able to see the contents of my flash drive again. This happened every single time I tried to move these videos to my hard drive.

The Card reader I'm using is a HC IOGEAR 56-1 Reader 2.0.


Below are a few photos in concession, on what I saw.  Could it be I need to upgrade to a 3.0 USB MoBo, or just upgrade my MoBo with more memory, along with a faster CPU, like a I7?


I was able to see both photos, and videos on the Flash card, so I doubt it was the issue of not installing the device driver for this card reader.  Thanks!TransferHD Video.jpg



There are a lot of variables that could cause this including the card reader. Have you tried doing the transfer directly from the camera to the computer? You may need to install software that came with your camera but it's worth a try.

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