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Powershot G12 malfunction


Hi, I've had a recurring problem with my Powershot G12 basically since I bought it a few years ago. After working properly for about a year, the photos all of a suddne appeared overexposed (like in a negative, with bright parts in pink/purple). As it was still under warranty, it was repaired and the warranty extended 6 months. About a year later, it broke down again with the exact same problem. I wrote to Canon who directed me to a certified shop. This time no longer under warranty, I paid £150 to repair it. A few months later, you guessed it, same problem happened again. I have written to Canon again, on their site and on Twitter, and got the same answer "go to a certified shop". Clearly there is a problem with my camera and I can't keep paying £150 every 6 months. Can you provide any other solution? I now have to buy a camera for my work and, although I was so happy with my G12 when it was working, I honestly can't say I trust your company anymore. Can I just throw my £500 camera in the bin? Thanks in advance for your response. PS: I purchase the camera in France and now live in the UK.



Unfortunately, this forum is for Canon USA, and for cameras sold in the USA. I have a place in mind that repairs the G12, but they only work on USA models of the camera. I know how you feel about the G12, because I sure missed mine when it stopped working. But the folks at cameras and parts. com were able to fix it for a reasonable cost. They did an excellent job, but as i mentioned, they only work on cameras for the USA market. Sorry I can't be much help on this matter.


Steve M.

Thank you, Smack53. Unfortunately, I already had mine repaired TWICE by a Canon certified shop and they did a good job each time but the problem keeps coming back. They say it's because the parts are so small they are very sensitive to heat, humidity, etc. But then if the camera has to be used in specific conditions, the customer should be aware before buying. I'm just wondering whether I'm just expected by Canon to keep repairing it AT MY OWN expense every time, when clearly there is a problem with their product.

I'm also very concerned about buying a new Canon as I ended up twice on a beautiful holiday without being able to take any pictures, since my Canon broke on the first days...

I actually haven't heard of too many problems with the G12 as you've described. Mine was a lens and flash failure probably caused by the camera not being packaged correctly when it was shipped to me, and may have been dropped. I have two other Canon PowerShot cameras that have never given me any issues, one is eleven years old with about 50,000 photos taken, and the other is about 6 years old with about 20,000 photos taken. It's a shame that your camera has not been that rugged. Incidentally, I have over 17,000 shots taken with the G12, about 2,000 after repairs, and still going strong.


Steve M.