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Powershot Elph 360 & 160 video file formats




My son and I each have a Powershot Elph - mine is the 360, his is the 160. We take them on our scout camping trips. 


We've discovered a difference in the way our respective cameras record video. Mine records the video in .MP4 format, while his records in .MOV format. I can't for the life of me figure out how to change that setting, or if it's even possible.


Additionally, and more problematically, whenever my son tries to import his photos and videos into the Mac Photos app on our home computer, he often encounters an error, in that the video MOV files are "locked". He then has to use Finder to locate and "unlock" each video file on the memory card before it can be imported into the Photos app.


My camera does not behave the way his does. I am able to import photos and videos without any difficulty or having to worry about locked or unlocked files. Neither of our memory cards' mechanical "lock" switch is in the lock position.


Is there some setting somewhere that will change the way his camera records and saves video files, most importantly without "locking" them? 


Thank you.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Texell,


So we may better assist you, please let us know how your son is transferring movies from his camera or from the memory card. Please include information about the software (if any) and his computer's operating system.

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We both transfer our photos to Mac's Photos app on our desktop computer running OS Sierra 10.12.2 by inserting the memory card into the built-in memory card slot on the back of the computer.

Hi Texell,


Thanks for your reply.


From your description, it sounds like you may need a plugin to get the Photo App to work properly with the .MOV file. This is a bit unusual, because the .MOV format was created by Apple, mainly for use with their QuickTime player. Because this is an Apple App, I recommend that you use plugins provided by Apple or an Apple-approved source, only.


You may also transfer your images, using the Canon CameraWindow. To access this software, please click here.

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