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I cannot get wifi working with my camera to the computer


I have been working all day to get the camera to connect to my computer with the wifi.  I purchased a Canon powershot elph 360.  I have tried several times and it always comes up failed.  I am ready to take this camera back and get a refund.  I have a fairly new HP laptop with windows 10 so I would think there would be no issues.  I have done exactly as the manual tells you step by step and still will not work. I basically purchased this camera because it was supposed to use wifi.



Has anyone addressed this issue? I have the same issue.... I just bought a new Canon ELPH 360 HS, and have been unable to get it to connect to my computer. I want to be able to download pictures to my computer's hard drive.... and do not want to use the cloud. The instructions in the user's manual seem to make sense, but something is just not connecting.

Rising Star

Make sure your computer is wifi on by clicking the airplane icon at bottom right side of screen to switch to wifi is on.

Camera is off. Make first the computer wifi  enable to connect to your camera until it says not connected to camera, then power on the camera and wifi on to wait until both device are connected. If they are connected transfer of images will follow but if not the computer is not wifi enable.


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