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Powershot Elph 350hs shots are too bright and blurry


I feel that this may be a stupid question, but I cannot find any answer in the product manual or on the internet. 


My photos have become too light, very overexposed to light even in low light conditions. If the shot is almost taken in dark conditions with lights off, the light is okay but it is blurry. I can't figure out how to change it. There is no listing that I can find in the manual or anywhere else. It is not in any photo or flash setting I can find. The ISO option under "func. set" is greyed out.


I may have inadvertently pressed some button and now I am stuck here. The camera is useless until I can change this.


Any ideas?

Thank you.



I'm wondering if you have the ISO set to a fixed and high value (e.g. 3200).


I would recommend first resetting the camera to default settings.  See page 124 of the User Manual for those instructions.


Also for reference, page 59 of the "User Manual" link above shows how to set the ISO settings.  Not sure though why that option would be disabled.




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