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A problem with G7x Mark iii


Hi Canon Community,


A few months ago I bought the G7X Mark iii to start my YouTube channel. I’m not a professional person or something. So, there was a problem with the sound and I thought I probably didn’t use the right mode or settings. So I tried filming using many different modes and settings thinking the problem will go away, but it didn’t. The problem to be exact, is a continuous background noise that sounds like a clicking or something like that (and no, it’s not a focusing sound). I have a short clip so you can understand the issue, but I was not able to share it through a URL 😞


I’ve been saving for a long time to buy this camera, and I’m really sad and disappointed. For my few YouTube videos that I made, I had to add a background music to try to cover that noise.


I really need your help.

Thank you!




It could be the IS, try turning that off.