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PowerShot ELPH 130 IS will not extend the lens and screen will not turn on


I have had my PowerShot ELPH 130 IS for some time and it has always been a good camera for me.  Recently it has not been used as much and had sat for a while without being used.  Whenever I went to use it, the camera will turn on but the lens will not extend and the rear screen will not turn on.  I have tried to download and reinstall the firmware but there is none available for this model.  How do I recover my camera to be able to use it again?



Sorry for the issue you are experiencing.  The problem sounds like something electrical in nature.  

How old is the NB-11 battery you are using, and is it a Canon branded battery?

Do you have another battery you can test with?

The camera turned 10 yrs old this year.  😀

Its decision time.  Try testing with another battery.  If you don't have one, you can purchased a replacement.  Given the cameras age, I don't know if I would buy OEM as it would be costly and won't help if the camera is actually the issue.  It probably wouldn't be accepted for return either.  A local camera shop might have one you can test with too.  If the battery option doesn't help, the camera should be replaced.  I'm sure you have received your return on investment over the course of its life and trying to get it repaired (if you could find someone to work on it) might well exceed the replacement cost.      


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