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My G7X dies when filming time lapse videos?


My camera works fine for photos and filming, I've had no issues but when I try to go on SCN and select STAR to attempt a time lapse video it seems to die after 10 minutes.



If I do a time lapse I can see it working and it clicks away every 15 seconds. If I interrupt it within 10 minutes it saves all the files to a video like it should, and it gives me a tiny 1 second video.


If I leave the camera to run for 30 mintues or more I notice I stop hearing the clicking sound. When I come to check the camera the screen is dead. When I turn it on there is nothing saved to the card at all (and yes the battery is full).




I've got it set up as follows:

  • Effect: Shoot without appluing movie effects
  • Shot Inerval 15 Sec
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • Shooting Time: Unlimted

I've also got a SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s* 32GB SDHCI that I've formated with low level format.



Any ideas how to fix this?



Check the user manual and see if there are any restrictions on shooting time lapse videos using the camera battery only. I think in many cases it may require using an external power supply assuming that most time lapse sequences are shot over a period of several hours or longer.


Is there an auto-off setting in the camera?

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Wheldot,


Thank you for posting.


Since your shooting interval is set at 15 seconds, even if your camera powers down after 10 minutes, you should still have 10 minutes of images. Disabling the Power Saving>Auto Power Down, as suggested by Waddizzle should resolve that issue.


At this point, I recommend contacting our Technical Support team. For contact options, please use this URL:

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