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My Canon sx260 is not communicating to my computer?


This is a sudden problem.  Everything has worked well until today when I tried to send new pictures to my computer.  There are communication problems.  I tried a new cable, that did not work. 



For anyone else who has experienced this problem I want to tell you how I solved my own question.  I read in the camera manuel that if the storage card had too many photos stored this problem would occur.  I bought a new SD card (this time 16GB instead of 32) and installed it in the camera.  Photos now transfer to the computer via the provided cable again.  Problem solved!  Hope this helps anyone else who experiences the same issue.  Don't buy cards with huge amounts of storage if you want to transfer photos via the cable.

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Hello Jabeita,

May I suggest you buy a new SD card, take some pictures and then try connecting your camera and computer with the cable to see if they will transfer. This is the solution that worked for me. I have encountered the same problem again with my 16GB card but at least I know what the problem is. Too many pictures on the card. And yes, I can transfer pictures directly from the card inserted into the computer. I just need a new, fresh card. Please try that before you send your camera to be repaired.


To Jabeita:

Before I sent my camera in to be repaired I would try using a NEW blank SD card.  Take some new pictures and see if these transfer from the camera.  The NEW card is what worked for me; hope it works for you.  Too many pictures stored on the card is what keeps them from transferring via the cable.  This is explained in the manual for the camera which I discovered after much searching.

Thanks for the info meow. I used about 26gbs of my 32gb sd card. In the last couple of months, everything was woring fine but, I shot video after which took up some space. I took the SD Card out and inserted it into my laptop and backed up everything first onto my external drive and then I removed 2.6gbs of videos from a couple of months ago which I had already backed up. I put the 32 GB SD Card back in and then turned the camera on and plugged it into the PC and ba-doop, it connected. Thanks again for the info! I think I will just backup and remove the videos which takes up the most space and the 32gb SD card should be good for a while after I do that.

So glad to hear my information was helpful.  I remember how frustrating it was when the cable transfer suddenly did not work.  I tried everything I could think of for hours on end and then, there was the answer in the instruction manuel online.

Greetings all!


  This is my first time here. I have windows 10 Pro, and an HP probook.


 I have had three canon cameras in my life, all powershots or some version, my latest is a Powershot 420 SX i20


 anyway, it is not the newest but I like it and the zoom.


  The same exact thing happene to me -- my camera suddenly stopped being recognized by my notebook. This is a fairly new notebook, I've been using it for perhaps a month. So, the first time I connected the camera to the cable, it wanted to load something lke 4,000 photos (I don't recall the exact number but you get the idea.) Of course I did not, so I had to take a few photos at a time the new ones and copy them to my photo folder.


  Well, one day last week it just stopped working. I could see NO camera shown in my notebook. At all. 


   I tried everything even asking if anyone in the microsoft community could help (NOT). 


   I have been transferring photos by taking the SD card and putting int in my computer. I have a 32 sized card, and nobody who has never used the cable knows how frustrating it is. Those folks at Microsoft are clueless. 

  I did not know there was a form here. 


  I want to say that I DID try to see if it worked in my older notebook, the same kind, a probook but different model. That did not recognize my camera, either which leads me to believe maybe it is NOT the SD card but a bad cable?


   By the way, my SD card is 3/4 full, which is a lot. But most of those photos have already been transferred into my older notebook. Anyway, I don't know if cables go bad, but I read that canon says to use its specific cable, it is proprietary. Is that so? I am not certain but thought it was. I do have the handbook, just haven't gotten around to it. 


  Anyway, after I read this I ordered a new SD card, 32 FAT, my old one I was using is 16. Maybe I should have gotten a smaller sized one but these days you can't find an SD card or thumbdrive that doesn't hold a Gig of stuff. 


   Someone suggested using another USB cable. Is that safe to do? What kind of USB cable? The ony other one I have is my phone. I am not comfortable with that. Can one buy a USB cable and what would you look for? Does canon sell new cables to its customers?


  Last, I wish that canon camera owners (especially those of us who register our products) could ask a question of their techs. How hard could it be to say oh that is because of ......? 


  I also have tried everything for what seems like forever, including re-downloading software from the site for my 420. When it failed to work in my old notebook, I knew something was wrong with the camera or cable. 


  thanks to all for your help and to any who have other suggestions.


Gina T. 



  I don't know if this is still an active question, but I got a new sd card, and shot a few photos and then connected it via cable to my computer and that took care of the problem. I'm so glad. What an annoyance, and nobody could seem to figure it out.

Thanks to the person who discovered what the problem was. 



Have you tried taking pictures on a new unused SD card and then connecting the camera to your computer?  Too many pictures on the card for cable transfer turned out to be my problem.  I could also transfer the photos directly from the removed card inserted into the computer.  It has happened to me again with my 16GB card but at least I now know what the problem is.  A new blank card will solve my problem, maybe it will solve yours?


Hello jabeita,

May I suggest installing a brand nee SD card in your camera, take some pictures and connect the camera to your computer with a cable as usual.  Please try this before going to the expense of sending your camera for service.  Too many photos on the card will keep the transfer from completing via the cable.

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