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How do you set the "time stamp" on the canon A 570 power shot?


I give up. How do I set the time stamp on the A570.Please anyone.



See page 33 of your User Guide (note there are two user's guides... a basic guide and an advanced guide.  This is on page 33 of the 'advanced' guide ... the full instructions rather than the abbreviated version of the manual.)


Here's the link in case you no longer have your user's guide:


In short, press the menu button... the screen will show two categories or "tabs" at the top... you want the tab with the camera icon.  Scroll down until you find the words "Date Stamp".  This defaults to "off" but you can "Date" (only the date, not the time) or "Date & Time".





Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks Tim but it wont work. The date is always "off" and I can not turn it on. It stays on the default "off" and won't give me the option of turning it on. Any suggestions? BG

I might add when scrolling it does not stop stop at "date stamp" so I cant press "on"/ BG

Hey guys -time stamp" - I finally found the secret. 1st find out how to put the camera in the POSTCARD MODE. Then go about and find time and date stamp ,then func. to ON Thank for you help,.BG
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