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How do I download video from our new SX280 HS


We just purchased the SX280 HS and really love it so far with one small glitch. How in the world do you download video?  We are accustomed to just plugging in the USB cable and importing through Pcasa. It imports photos very easily but the video clips do not import. I guess because they are HD? We finally upgraded from our Powershot SD700 IS and it was always so reliable and easy to use. We installed the ImageBrowser EX and that did not work either. If there is a video clip and no photos on the memory card it said no images to import. Thanks for any help!!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi RodgerCaldwell,


To better trouble shoot this issue, I recommend that you contact us.  For contact options, please click here.


You may be able to transfer the movies from your camera using iMovie, already on your Mac.

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Picasa does not recognize .mov type files that Cannon is using on the sx280 (and 260 that I have) for videos. Try converting .mov to .avi using freeware available on the internet.

Lesserjoe: I just took a movie with my SX280 and it produces .mp4 files, not .mov.


If you're using a Mac you have  several alternatives.


I like to download with Canon's own Camera Window software which usually starts up when it detects my Canon camera.  Some things I don't like about it but the big advantage is it places the files in folders by date so they are semi-organized rather than just numbers.


Another alternative is to use Apple's Image Capture which should be in your Applications folder (I use an older OS version).  This will transfer movies and images from any device including an iPhone.  It's pretty basic but I am using a 9 year old version with a brand new Powershot 280 where the newest Camera Window won't work with my computer.  basica functions are working.


Again for a Mac, iPhoto can probably transfer files, though you might have to use iMovie for movies.  To be honest I prefer Canon's Image browser for viewing my photos.


Finally, if it comes down to it you can always take the card out of the camera and put it into a card reader attached to your USB port and drag the files across to your computer.

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