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Canon sx50 Lighting suggestions

Basically I get alot of noise distortion throughout my videos when I record at home. Most say it's due to bad lighting. I've tried 40watt leds 75 watt spiral bulbs and I bought a small led attatchment and I still can't get rid of it.Does anyone have suggestions to fix the lighting, what do I need? If all fails I was just going to buy a studio light


They're right, you need lighting.  Those little 45W and 75W "photography" bulbs are still pretty low powered as far as cameras are concerned.  But it should be better than what you werer getting before.  It depends on what kind of quality you're looking for, and how much you're willing to pay.  You can easily spend thousands on lighting, but one of those cheap $100 kits can still work if your bar isn't too high (just don't get Cowboy Studio).  You're shooting with an sx50, so I'm guessing you're not going for professional results. 


What kind of video is it?  What is the final format?  Are you using editing software?


I'd do an Amazon search for "Continuous Lighting Kit", and grab one of those $100 jobs - if it's in the budget.  It won't put out the 2000+ watts they claim, but you should be able to do some basic lighting.  Keep in mind you get what you pay for, and this is on the lower end of what's available.  So it won't be reliable, it won't be consistent, but it's a moderately cheap entry fee to learn a bit about lighting.


Also double check your settings.  If you're at a high ISO then you're going to get noise.  Period.  Keep the ISO low and give it enough light to expose. 



I wanted to do youtube videos,I heard it was ideal for that kind of thing and it comes out in MVI format. I use Premiere elements to edit and the iso is at it's lowest.

Are you sure the noise isn't from your post processing?  Perhaps you're compressing it too much?


THere shouldn't be much noise if you're at ISO 100.