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Canon Powershot sx50 hs Squeaky Zoom


This is my first post here and I only decided to do this because I couldn't find anyone with a similar problem.  My Canon Powershot sx50 hs has a fantastic zoom, but it squeaks whenever I use the zoom control switch.  It sounds like a squeaky wheel or something of the sort.  It is rather annoying and it can be clearly heard while recording videos.  I was just hoping someone could help/enlighten me about my problem.  Thanks!


By the way:  My camera is only about a month old and it hasn't been damaged, dropped, or tampered with.


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No squeaks here. Only a contented murmur of the motor. I'd suggest you go to a retailer and ask to hear one off of the shelf.


I went to my local Besy Buy and they said that it might be a problem with the wheels or runners that the zoom components slide on.  While I was there, I tested out the demonstration Canon Powershot sx50 HS and there was no noise.  So, it most likely has nothing to do with the motor  and it isn't a normal noise.


We bought a Powershot sx50 for a family trip and near the end of our stay we started to notice a squealing or squeaking like sound when zooming. It was not exactly a constant squeal/squeak but it would make these sounds in a rythmic way as the zooming is occuring.

We got a replacement and it does the SAME thing out of the box, although not as loud as the first one.  I called Canon and they verified this is not right. 

We purchased it through Amazon and have requested a 3rd one in hopes we can get one that does not have this issue because otherwise we absolutely love this camera and it's performance. We were very surprised to get 2 in a row like this, especially since this is the only other occurance we've seen online that is at least similar if not the same. 

I found a review where a squeaking sound is heard on video playback where zooming was used but it does not mention an audible noise while shooting the video and have found no other posts or reviews where the squealing or squeaking sound is heard from the camera during use.





If it's within guarantee then return it, otherwise WD40 Smiley Happy

I agrree return it if still under waranty but use something less corrosise to plastics and rubber not WD 40. I use pure silicon spray made by 3M for delicate light lubrications.

But the best advice is return it.


As for lubricating (my wife and I are not experienced with cameras nor overly mechanically included 🙂 ), would we try to spray it into the seam between the lens and the outer casing, or maybe with the lens fully zoomed out to 1200 put a light coating on the outer casing? 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I've looked at the user guide online and searched for how to do this w/o finding anything.






Never, never ever use WD40 on a camera!


There are special greases, for plastic to plastic and metal to plastic parts and besides you start squirting that stuff in it *may* wash all the proper grease off..... thats stuff is OK for rusted screws and thats about all!


Besides you don't want any of it going on the lenses.


One thing you can do if, I say 'IF', you by chance had it near sand or grit has got inside..... there will be tell tale signs these are scratch marks with the lens extended if this IS the case -:



take a peice of clean thin paper, you might have to fold it depending on the thickness and avaialble space between the lens and gently.... very gently insert the paper  between the lens and rotating it 360 degrees as you pull the paper out in a spiral motion.


As said you need to be very, very careful, it may work it may not....  do note squeeks are usually made when bearing and runners become dry or the grease contaminated.


Grit or sand will cause the lens to grind putting load on the bearing, runners or whatever creating the noise.


If the camera is under warranty do not mess about with it as you may void the warranty!






Checked out this sight after i found the zoom squeaking on the Canon SX 50. Also bought it off Amazon. With soo many people facing the same problem,could it be a defect with the model, or just retailers selling defective pieces. Its quiet dissapointing to get a piece like this and will definately make me think twice before ordering electronics online again,

Buying electronics online is not the cause of the problems. Like many I have bought multitudes of electronics online and have not seen any pattern whereas online products are any different/worse from offline products. And I always purchase an extended warranty on products such as my SX50HS. Some of it is luck or bad luck and some responsibilities for longer protection lies with the buyer in purchasing extended warranties.


Jerry you never mentioned if it is under warranty? If it is return it !


Have you inquired, if not under warranty, how much the estimated repair is?

If not you have to use a non corrosive pure silicon lubricant and even then the squeak may be internal in the gears where the lube may not reach.

Look for scratch marks on the lens tubes with a good light and magnifying glass, if you see some then maybe there is some sand in there..try compressed air in can. If you dont see any then it gets tricky to apply the lube where its needed.

Apply it a little at a time in the seams of the lens checking with each small application if the squeak went away.

That 3M pure silicon spray that I like and use has 3 settings, light, med. and heavy to spray and one of those little spray straws so you can get it in the seams..

I buy it from Amazon