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Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 - noticeable white spot in recordings


Hello! Recently I received a replacement PowerShot ELPH 360 that had the same problem I had before. There's a distracting white dot that dances around when recording videos. I imagine the same problem also exists in still imagery, but video recording is where it's most noticeable.

Here's is a recording of a dark room with the camera where the white spot is most visible. Since the dot can be hard to see, I have also attached a picture with the white dot circled.test.png



I dont see anything in your image.  Maybe someone else will?


After reviewing your other thread...  You mentioned you had the same problem before, that the camera was replaced, and now it has the same issue.


"Dancing white pixels"


If it was replaced, then the problem is something you are doing.  Your memory card, 3rd party battery, etc..  The chances of getting 2 devices with the same issue is like winning the lottery twice.  Elph cameras are a mature model and design.  Remember this is Canon, not a camera out of a cereal box.  


From your other post:


Yes, I bought it new. Due to the nature of my problem (dancing white pixels in the top right, especially noticeable when recording video), it's quite possible that the only guaranteed way that my problem could be fixed is if I send it for repairs, as any new cameras could easily have the exact same problem. << Probability, likelyhood = ZERO  

If I do decide to exchange the camera, and the other camera doesn't have the problem, how would that affect the service request? Can it be canceled, or...?




So was the camera repaired, replaced...   or exchanged?  By whom?


It sounds like you were almost expecting the second camera to have the same issue and now can't figure out how to cancel your service request.  


If you like, you can tell us what happened and what you did to correct it.  


Exchanged camera

Sent camera for repair

Bought new camera

Never sent first one in, but new camera has same issue and your worried about an open service request you haven't done anything with.


If the camera has an issue,  exchange it. If it is outside of its return window, get it repaired or replaced by Canon. Thats how this ends.



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For the videos and photos you capture, is that white dot also in the image?   May be very difficult to tell, but I think your images/footage will be fine and this is just a bad/dead pixel on the screen.


If so, all manufacturers state that a certain amount of pixels can be bad.  On my older Plasma TV, for example, there is one bad pixel that usually goes bright green; especially after the set warms up a bit.


If it's an issue with the sensor, then that would be a different issue.


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What I did was remove the camera from the Canon website and had it replaced through Amazon, which is where I bought it from in the first place. The issue isn't exactly the same as the previous camera... the white dot is in a different area of the screen than the old camera. In addition, with the new camera, I have seen the dot in the camera's viewfinder. I'm all but certain the problem is with the camera itself, perhaps with the sensor as suggested.

But does the dot show up in captured video or photos? If not, then there isn't any issue.  Thankfully, dead pixels are quite rare.


EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L, 600EX-RT (x6), ST-E3-RT
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Yes, it does.