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PowerShot G7 X Froze Midway Through Video Recording


Hey everyone!

I have a G7x and was shooting on video mode and it just suddenly stopped recording midway -- screen froze and no button would function either so i just turned the camera off. apparently it wasn't low on battery nor storage. when i checked the recording it was saved as a .DAT file and has a size of 2.54gb. I have tried available ways to recover it but obviously have failed. have anyone ever experienced the same? would appreciate any help. thanksss xoxo



It sounds like your clip has become corrupt.  This might be due to a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it can be resolved by reformatting the card on a regular basis before use.  Only full size memory cards should be used.  Avoid using ones with a adapter.  If the media is old replacing it might also be a good idea.  If not already done, I'd try one of the free to try recovery software's available.

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