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Cannot connect G7x mark II to iphone


I have spent hours (yes- for real) trying to connect my G7x mark II to my iphone, so that I can remotely operate the shutter for group pix. I searched online everywhere and did everything suggested; even disabling wifi assist.
Any suggestions on how to connect the 2 devices? they will appear to be connecting and the moment I give permission to allow the phone to access the camera's storage, I immediately get a "connection failed" message.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Since you give no information on how you are attempting to to connect the camera to your phone, I would recommend downloading the camera's manual and read the section on connecting the camera to a smartphone. Here is a link to the User Guide-For Small Screens (such as Smart Phone, etc) - PowerShot G7 X manual: 

I should have been clearer. It is a software issue.
I followed the steps in the Canon Connect app. I also searched for answers to the software issue. It apparently started with a recent software update. I can complete all the steps up to giving permission for the phone to access the camera. As soon as I click "yes", I get "connection failed". 
We searched online groups for solutions to this issue and 2 suggestions were listed:
1. Disable wifi assist on the iphone- did this
2. Reset the camera's wireless- did this
No luck!
I tried to locate a way to contact Canon regarding the software issue and they appear to have no contact method. I looked on the Canon site AND through the Apple app store and Canon has no contact info.

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Have you tried removing the app and reinstalling?

Yes... 3 times.