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Bought a G7x II for cheap! Grip fix? Wifi button fix?


So, I bought a G7x ii for $75. It seems to work great! The grip needs replacing tho and the wifi button doesn't depress... I can get around the wifi using nfc. Any suggestions for either? Perhaps someplace that can help me fix the two?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi rosycreates,

For issues like this we would recommend recommend replacing the camera. Repairs are not done on the PowerShot G7 X Mark II through Canon. Through Canon you can either send the camera in to our factory service center or you can go through our Canon Upgrade Program.

The Canon Upgrade Program allows you to replace your current camera with a new or refurbished Canon camera for a discounted price and have it shipped via ground delivery. The cameras offered through this program carry a one year warranty.  The original non-functioning camera would then be returned to Canon USA for recycling using a prepaid shipping label that would be provided. If you would like to take part in this option, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Saturday. Let them know you have been working with email technical support and that the Canon Upgrade Program was offered.  Be sure to have your serial number for your camera at the time of your call.

If you want to send the camera in to the factory service center, the Canon U.S.A., Inc. online repair portal allows you to set up service in a few simple steps. The repair portal gives you the ability to set up service for multiple pieces of equipment at once, and to receive a repair estimate in the majority of cases, depending on your model and issue. The portal also allows you to upload images or videos that will assist us in repairing your product. You can also select how you wish to be notified of the progress of your repair. The portal's service history section allows you to view all services that have been performed on any of your camera or video products since January 7, 2020. 

Please follow the link below to access our online repair portal to arrange for service:

Instructions for Accessing and Using the Online Repair Portal

You will need to access or create your My Canon Account.

If you already have a My Canon Account and your product is already registered, simply click on the “Get Repair Services” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

If you have a My Canon Account and your product is not registered, you must register your product first. Click on the “Get Repair Services” link on the left menu, then click on the “Register Product” link on the right. After your product is registered, click on the “Get Repair Service” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product.

If you do not have a My Canon Account, you will need to create one. After you create your account, click on the “Add Product” link to register your first product. After your product is registered, click on the “Get Repair Service” link on the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions to arrange for service for your product. 

Once you have completed the repair request, you will have an opportunity to print a copy of the request for your records. This request form will also contain shipping instructions and an address label that you will attach to the outside of your shipping box when mailing your equipment for repair.



Based on your image, I'm inclined to say that you basically threw $75 away.  You are welcome to explore repair options, but in the end I believe you may find that taking advantage of the upgrade program might be a wiser long term solution. 

Your image


What it should look like


Whatever you decide, I hope it works out.

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Rising Star

I doubt you'll be able to find OEM replacement for the grip "leather" cover.  I'd just remove it and use it bare.  You could use leather patch stickers available on amazon and cut to size but it'd be hard to cut precisely, especially for the wifi button and the protruding grip hold.  amazon does sell ultra-thin silicone cover you can use once you remove the worn leather grip cover. 



For the sticky wifi button, some of the adhesive for the old grip leather may have worked itself into the button area.  Hopefully removing the old grip leather completely will free up the button but if it still sticks, you have 2 choices:

1) use it as is and not use the wifi button - i'd recommend this

2) dip q-tip into isopropyl alcohol, squeeze out as much liquid as you can, and lightly clean around the edge of the button.  you want to get the tinniest bit of alcohol in between the button and its surrounding housing to dissolve the sticky part and to free the movement (this is common cleaning suggestion for sticky iphone home button when it still had physical button).  press the button a few times to work the alcohol and see if it releases.  of course, this is not something i'd recommend to others but i would try this on my own camera if I was close to writing it off


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Hi. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. The camera still functions and takes beautiful photos. I decided to ship it to a well reputable camera repair shop in Georgia to see if it can be repaired. There aren't any here where I live that I could find. I even went to the camera specialty store here. They don't work on cameras.

I am comfortable working on a laptop. Not so much on a camera.

He fixed it!! And on the day he received it, today. He texted me photos. I'll get it back in a few days. YAY!!

Glad you got it fixed!  I guess that repair shop has restored many battered cameras like this in the past. 

Kind regards


Hey, good to hear!
How did he fix it in the end?
Could you post some pictures?
How much did it cost you?

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