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Battery level indicator incorrect on PowerShot SX70 HS


I’ve owned a Canon sx70 hs for about 2 months and can never tell what my current battery level is. The indicator is always lit up 100% even when the battery is almost dead. The problem occurs even if using the Canon battery that came with the camera.

Why is this, and how do I fix it?  Thanks. 



Welcome to the forum.

Where did you buy the camera?  Are you using g a Caon. Battery?

Did you buy it used?  The SX70 HS is several years old and possibly past its service life with Canon Support.  The most current model is the SX70 HS Mark III.


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I ordered the camera new through Walmart. There may have been a third-party vendor involved. I looked at the box, and it doesn’t say anything about Mark III, so I would assume it’s an older model. Do you know if a software update would fix the problem?  Thanks so much. 


There ought to be a Canon warranty that came with the camera if it is new. If there is, send it to Canon. If not, you got taken by Wal-Mart and the third-party vendor. 

You could update the firmware. There is a Version 1.1.1 update dated November 2019. I don't think it would fix the problem though.

It is a current model, for sale lots of places. There is no Mark III.  Waddizzle is confusing it with the Powershot G7 Mark III.

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