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Recommendations: PowerShotS100 Digital ELPH or PowerShot S110?


Hi, I’m a newbie digital camera collector and enthusiast! I’m not that good at working out the settings of the camera yet since it’s quite confusing for me… but I stumbled across this Canon Powershot series - S100 & S110.

The slight difference from what I’ve seen online is probably:

S100 - has GPS S110 - no GPS, has wifi

Not that clear on the technical differences, but the two cameras are at the same price on the market right now. Which one should I be leaning towards?

Any recommendations for this line of camera will be greatly appreciated!



This review tells difference between S100 and S110.

I have several pocketable digital point & shoots that I got cheap at a reuse-recycle store. These kinds of cameras are literally dumped nowadays because phones have taken their place. You can go nuts collecting them unless you narrow your focus. I latched onto mine for their full selection of exposure modes and large LCD displays. And not being too tiny to have a good grip on them when shooting.

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