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Basic Canon Camera Question


Hi everyone. So to make a long story short, I am looking for a beginner camera to start taking shots with. Some nature shots, maybe some family portraits, and a video or two here and there. I really want to expand my photography journey beyond my iPhone because I’m starting to really love the feeling of taking photos. My friend is offering me the following for $125.00. Just wanted to get some opinions of those knowledgeable in cameras if I’m getting a good deal.

-Canon Powershot SX420IS 20.0 Megapixel Digital Camera. Purchased in December 2018 and maybe used five times. Perfect condition -Case/Carrying bag -64gig memory card

I really don’t have much money to spend since I don’t have a job right now so this is a good start for me. If this camera isn’t worth it or you can steer me in the direction of something possibly better in a decent price range please let me know on the comments. Thanks I’m advance.



That is about the half the cost of a brand new camera.  You may want to add a USB data cable.  Visit the Canon eStore, or the B&H web site to see what additional accessories you may need or want.  


There is also free software from Canon USA that is available for download from the camera model's Product Support Page.

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Not sure what to suggest, a new SX420IS is going for $229. Being that a friend is offering you that deal for $125 I do not think you can beat that and it is a friend and not a stranger. It would be a decent camera to start with and if you catch the camera "bug" in the future you will know more of what you like and want in the next camera.

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