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Wifi difficulties


I am trying to hook up my iphone to an SX60 HS, and I am successful if I go through the process manually each time. I think I screwed up initially because I selected my home wifi and now it defaults to that intead of the Canon wifi that I manually select.


I tried to clear wifi settings but this didn't change it. So technically it is working, but when I press the phone symbol on the back, it takes me to the 'connect target device' page and won't cycle through to the settings that I am trying to save. 


I would appreciate any help that someone can provide to start over on this. Thanks!



If your saved an incorrect profile, you can always delete it and start over, this time registering the correct destination (your mobile device).


Here is a Canon KB article for connecting the camera to an iPhone...  you you need Android, let us know.  


Canon Knowledge Base - Sending images from a camera to an iPhone (PowerShot SX60 HS / PowerShot G7X)

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Thanks for your resonse. Unfortunately, unless I am glossing over the instructions that I need, this information mostly seems to pertain to syncing the phone/camera for the first time. I can get this to work by going through the process, but it doesn't memorize the connection.


When I go back to the app on my phone, it shows the wifi for my home. When I press the mobile phone symbol on the back of the camera, unlike the way I have seen demonstrated online where it syncs automatically, the camera is asking me to input the target device again. 


I have tried to unistall wifi and followed the procedure to forget a device, nothing seems to change this process. So I can get it to work with the app, but I have to start from the beginning each time. 


Thank you