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Are there any good cameras that are portable (lightweight, not thick) and cheap?


I'm hoping to find a good camera that is portable and not heavy/ thick. I also have a budget around $300, so I'm looking for affordable options. Some references include the Powershot series. I'm hoping for good quality pictures as well. Any brand is fine, it doesn't have to be limited to Canon.




Afraid we won't make any recommendations outside of Canon. 😆  $300 is a pretty tight budget, even for a Powershot.  which are nearly impossible to come by these days.  Point and shoot cameras are small and compact.  They can take nice photos, but may lack in details compared to a body that accepts different lenses.  These body's are of course larger, but can be more versatile depending on the type of photography you like to do.

Canon sells refurbished cameras too.  They come with the same 1 yr warranty as a new camera's. 

Canon Refurbished Cameras & Accessories | Canon U.S.A, Inc.

Used may also be an option.  I suggest you buy from an authorized dealer and ensure what you buy has a US warranty.  Reputable used dealers are KEH, B&H and Adorama.  Others too, but be careful where you buy   Amazon itself is an authorized Canon Dealer.... but places like eBay, FaceBook and the Amazon Marketplace are often not safe or a good idea.

Once you've had a chance to look around a little, we'd be happy to answer questions and help you with your buying decision of a Canon product. 

Here is a link to the Canon Store:

Canon Cameras: DSLR, Mirrorless & More | Canon U.S.A, Inc.

Shop around a bit and see what you like vs your budget.  We can try to help.

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