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Tethertools cable kit finally received after a very long wait!


Desperate to experiment with tethered product and model-shoot photography.
(Awaiting on x2 C-stands via eBay)
(Awaiting on x5 backgrounds - 3.00m x 2.20m via eBay)

I have downloaded various YT videos on tips/tricks/techniques to do this. Just recently, I discovered a variety of videos on YT that are Canon-made on how to use the EOS Utility 3 software & vitally, videos on using Canon DPP4.
It might just make sense to learn these 2 interfaces thoroughly as they seem to have incredible features to edit captured images.
I have one 2013 MacBook pro with Serifs' Affinity/Designer/Publisher installed - hardly used these s/wares.
I have one 2011 MacBook Pro with Aperture - used extensively 'back-in-the-day'.
The current 2014 MacBook pro already has (Photoscape/Gimp/Photos/Canon EOS Utility 3/DPP4).
I guess for now, I have more than enough resources/kit/gear/gadgets to keep me busy for months ahead!

Gear to still buy/acquire:
- portable rolling laptop table (I do like the Tethertools example, but, would rather buy a cheaper alternative).
- x2 400w or 600w strobes (probably Godox) - undecided as I already have PW triggers & Godox triggers
- x1 Pro Canon Printer (A4) for now - still researching this!
- x4 (V-Flats 2 white & 2 black)
- MIOPS water drop kit
- Fog/smoke machine
Ideally, it would be great to switch across to a Mirrorless Camera and RF Lenses. Certainly this is not a priority until I learn to produce 'worthy-images' using my existing kit. Just happy that the Canon cameras and lenses last so well and integrate seamlessly with evolving technology - considering that the 7Dii is 10 years old!
From today, every day is to be a 'play-day'!

Cameras:- 7Dii & (x2 40D)
EF:- 100mm f/2.8 macro, 50mm f/1.8, 24mm f/2.8
EF-s:- 55-250mm, 10-22mm, 18-55mm
Flashes:- x4 580exii, MT-24ex, Godox AD300Pro
Triggers:- x5 PW TT5s & x2 PW TT1s & x3 Godox X-Pro
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