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Travel camera recommendations


Hello,  I have a Canon R which is a great camera but heavy to carry for all day sightseeing and general travel, and of course not particularly fast for those all important pet photos. I was considering picking up a second camera that would be easier for travel. My lenses are all Canon RF and include the 24-105 stm, 35mm 1.8, 85 mm f2 and 100-400.  I was considering the R10, R50 (crop sensor I know) or possibly R8. I do occasionally shoot manual. Unfortunately there are no stores nearby where I can see and compare the physical size and handling of these cameras. I have read that the R50 is quite small and that is an issue for some users especially when using full frame lenses but I have small hands so I don’t think that would be an issue. Any thoughts on a lightweight camera/lens setup for travel? Thank you.



I bought an R8 recently its a great little camera that accepts RF lenses. It has a different battery than the R5.


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I would recommend renting an EOS R50 (or R10) so you'd gain first-hand experience of how it feels.  As well as to see if the weight reduction would be noticable enough.


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I found myself in a similar situation many years ago and I bought a couple Powershot cameras. I am glad I did. They are very small very light and take amazing photos. Something in the line of the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Digital Camera or in my case the Canon PowerShot G1 X Digital Camera which is a bit bigger than the G7. All there lenses come with them so you don't have a bunch of extras to carry.

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I bought an R8 recently its a great little camera that accepts RF lenses. It has a different battery than the R5.



To me, it sounds like your issue is carrying multiple lenses with you, not the actual size of the camera body.  The Canon PowerShot series of camera bodies, like the aforementioned G7 or G1 series of cameras, do not use interchangeable lenses.

The EOS R is an interchangeable lens camera body.  The G Series lineup of PowerShot cameras are not interchangeable lens camera bodies.  One of the main difference between the different G Series models is the range of focal lengths that are available with the built-in lens.  

Bear this in mind if you decide to take a look at PowerShot G Series cameras.  Just like interchangeable lenses, one camera body is not going to be able to do it all.

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