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dirty copy

When I make copies and scan documents for faxing (on-line),  my MF4350d is starting to produce dirty pages, e.g., there are lines (one about 2 inches from the right all the way down the page) and smudgy, distorted or poor resolution on the copy. I have tried running a cleaning sheet through both the document feed and the paper tray. I have cleaned the rollers, the plates, and so on according to the manual instructions. Please advise. The machine is only 2 years old. Thanks      

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Re: dirty copy

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Hi, teriwells:

I'm sorry to hear about the quality issue occurring and am glad to help. The issue can be toner cartridge or unit related, and I have provided steps to help narrow down which may be the cause.

Possible causes:

1.  Black vertical lines due to the need to clean the platen glass (lines on printed or faxed/scanned pages).
This is a common symptom and can sometimes require a little elbow grease to clear residue on the glass.  You will want to carefully and fully clean the glass in the ADF scanning area on the left side of the platen glass.  Look for scratches, tiny spots and marks of any sort.  If marks are noticed, you may have to clean the platen glass up to three times or more depending on what created the mark (Ex: magic marker).  You can use a soft lint free cloth either dry, with glass cleaner or water to clean the glass and may have to scrub until it squeaks to remove certain types of marks.  NOTE: Please spray the cloth with the cleaning solution and not the glass.  Another way to ensure the mark is removed is to use a credit card by placing in on a angle and sliding it across the glass in one direction.  You can then lift the credit card when reaching the end of the glass and return to the other side to slide it across again.

2. The need to rotate or replace the toner cartridge
Remove the toner cartridge and rock it on a 90 degree angle several times to redistribute the toner.  Follow by running a test copy.  If the same results are produced, test a replacement Canon Cartridge 104 to determine if related to the previous cartridge or a unit-related issue.

3. A quality adjustment is required.
You can adjust the settings of the machine to improve print quality (and to prevent paper jams), which may occur when a variety of functions are used. It is recommended that you perform these settings regularly to prevent a number of problems from occurring.  You can also perform a Fixing Unit Cleaning if you have not done so already; this may be the roller cleaning you referenced.  This requires loading paper in the MP Tray.  Below are steps to assist you:

Special Mode options:

Special Mode T - Reducing Blur

Special Mode U - Improving Print Quality

Special Mode V - Reducing Paper Curl

Special Mode Y - Adjusting Toner Fixing

Special Mode Z - Reducing Fog

To clean the Fixing Unit and/or to make the above adjustments, please follow these steps:

Cleaning Fixing Unit:

Important:  Load a clean and regular Letter size piece of paper on the MP Tray to use as a cleaning sheet.

1. Press [MENU].

2. Press [<] or [>] to select <ADJUST./CLEANING>, then press [OK].

3. Press [<] or [>] to select Fix. Unit Cleaning, then press [OK].

4. Cleaning starts.  Discard cleaning sheet after cleaning is performed.

To adjust Special Mode:

1. Press [MENU].

2. Press [<] or [>] to select <ADJUST./CLEANING>, then press [OK].

3. Press [<] or [>] to select the Special Mode you would like to adjust,
then press [OK]

4. Press [<] or [>] to select <ON> or <OFF>, then press [OK].


For SPECIAL MODE U the options are <OFF>, <MODE1>, and <MODE2>.

5. Press [STOP/RESET] to return to the standby mode and try a test copy for a status check.

Should the issue remain or we can assist you further, please feel free to Contact Us.

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New toner is printing very light



I just installed a new toner cartridge and all the copies are very light and sometimes illegible. 


I have checked the cartridge and shaken it a few times, but the problem persists.  Is there some process to 'prime' a new cartridge? 



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Re: New toner is printing very light

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Hi Ted.


So that we can better assist you, what is the model number of the new toner cartridge, and what is the model number of your Canon printer?


I look forward to your reply.  Should you need immediate assistance, please contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).

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Re: New toner is printing very light

Hello Thank you for your response


The printer is Image Class D420. 


The toner is 104


Thank you, 



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