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imageCLASS LBP251dw problems detecting printer and installing driver


Hello Community,

I work in a mid size organization and in the past year or so we're having intermittent problems with printing affecting various of users of Canon LBP251dw device.
In the cases where the issue occurs the printers are connected through USB.The issue is as following, suddenly the user can't print anything, no documents, no test pages, nothing.
The behavior is that the OS creates a job which passes and it's sent to the printer( disappear from print queue ) but the printer doesn't produce anything and just stays in status "Ready to print"
It's been bothering us for a while and we've tried many solutions but nothing has been working out so far as providing a stable printing without interruptions time to time.

The specification of the hardware and software we use are as following:
PC: HP G400g7
Printer: Canon LBP251dw
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Drivers: Generic Plus PCL6 printer driver v2.90 (latest)
Brand new USB cables different brands.

We even noticed that the driver doesn't install properly when the printer is connected via USB.
That how the installation goes:
Step 1: Here I choose the obvious "Next"

Step 2: On the next step I'm prompt to choose the connection which is used in our case it's USB and I again click on "Next"

Step 3:That's the next screen and I click "Yes".

Step 4: At this moment the installation starts and the first step is to discover the printer.
On this step I also connect the cable to the computer via the USB cable and start the printer as shown in pictures 1,2,3.
It's also seen that it has appeared in "Devices and printers".6.PNG

Step 5: However after a couple of minutes the printer is not found and the installation cannot continue.


To avoid any other problems this is a completely newly installed OS the installation was made through Microsoft's own media creation tool, fully updated to the latest 22H2, without nothing else installed.
Just to prove that the issue with the driver is not related to OS.

I think that because the driver is not installed properly( as we do it manually ) through add new driver for the existing device that could cause the problems described above, but that needs more testing afterwards.

Can somebody help us to sort out this issue as we have more than 40 printers from this type and it's really bothering as the fix requires disturbing the users, connect->disconnect the USB cable and sometimes even full reinstall of the printer?

Thank you!



Any update on that issue?


Thanks for joining the conversation, GeorgeAR!

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Thanks and have a great day!

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