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imageCLASS D1300 Series - Double-Sided Printing Causes Jam


I tried to print flashcards on premium cardstock paper. The paper was too thick, causing a paper jam. Now, every time I try to print double-sided, my printer jams. It prints on one side but jams every time it goes to the other. I cant find a service dealer. Does anyone have any directions? What have I messed up?


Rising Star

As a test, try using thinner paper and see if it jams. 🙂

Thanks! I have tried thinner paper, but it will not allow me to print anything double-sided anymore.

I would reach out to Canon Customer Support. Something may have gotten out of alignment/adjustment. 🤔

I have been trying. Please share a phone number, email, or link if you know how. I would greatly appreciate it.

This one should work: 🙂

1 (800) 652-2666

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!