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i-SENSYS scan-to-PC button to scan to SMB ?


Can the i-SENSYS 8300's scan-to-PC button be configured to scan to a SMB network shared folder ?


The i-SENSYS 8300 series feature two scan-to-PC buttons. As far as I understand, those require specific software on the destination PC - which supposes that the above-mentioned PC runs Microsoft Windows. We run an entirely Linux environment and we scan to SMB destinations - it works very well but we find the multiple button presses required for each scan tedious, especially when performed multiple times. That makes the scan-to-PC button concept attractive - just press to send to the destination... But is there any way to configure those useless scan-to-PC buttons to send to an SMB destination instead of a Microsoft Windows host ?



Any progress in the last three years?


Any progress in the last three years? Smiley Mad


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