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canon image class d1320 indicates a paper jam and there is none.


when printing from my PC, paper jam is repeatedly indicated, but "phantom" - there is no jam. I press through the prompts and "ok" . then the printing will continue for 10 pages or so. This happens over and over until the job is finished.  The paper is good quality, fanned, I've tried turning the machine off and back on, everything I can determine is as it should be. Ideas?



Our office is having the same issue.  It happens about every 5 pages it prints.  I personally think the rubber roller that picks up the paper to copy is worn out however I do not know as I am not a printer technician.   Does anyone know what is the issue?

I has similar issue with direction switching between paper jam on bottom tray and no paper. I later found a small tab, half the size of a dime with a spring, at the bottom of the tray. I'll try to post a link to pic.


In most cases, yes the rubber roller that picks up the paper, is what is causing your issues. You can clean the roller using windex or cleaning solution, and a rag or towel. You will also want to clean the little rubber pad that is attached to the tray, as this will prevent double feeding. If this does not help, then you may have a dirty sensor. You can take canned air and lightly blow into the feed unit, but DO NOT start blowing air all around the machine, as you will just spread toner and cause more issues. Sensors and actuated by a sensor flag, which is a plastic piece that block the sensor when paper is passed through it. You can identify the sensors this way. Hope this helps.

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