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Why does my Cannon MG8200 keep printing same document when I request only 1 copy?


I have a Windows8 PC wirelessly connected with PIXMA MG8200 printer and it will keep printing documents over and over again until I turn it off.  


A similar issue was raised on an HP forum in which the solution was..."disabled "bidirectional support" in Properties->Ports"


I can't seem to find a similar setting in my printer properties screen.  Any suggested solutions?  



So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know exactly what printer model you're using within the MG8200 series.  Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue! Thanks and have a great day!

Added Printer Information: My purchase receipt shows: "Canon MG8220 Wireless InkJet Photo All In On"  

 SKU#/MFR# = CAMG8220  If more description is required to consider my printing issues, please let me know.  Thanks! 

Hi danielplopez1,


Let's try clearing the print queue to try and resolve the issue:


1.  Put your mosue in the top right corner to bring up the Charms Menu, then  click Settings.


2.  Click Control Panel.


3.  Click Hardware and Sound.


4.  Click Devices and Printers.


5.  Right click the PIXMA MG8200 Series printer and click See Whats Printing.


6.  When the print queue window opens, click Printer at the top, and click Cancel All Documents.


7.  Once all documents have been removed from the window, try printing again and let us know if the issue persists.

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I have a MB5100.  First - it takes almost a minute before the printer even prints the first document.  I get a message that the printer is "busy".  Then it finally prints.  Then in about 3-4 minutes it prints the same document.  Then repeats every 5 mnutes or so.  I've even had it print  it again HOURS LATER.


What the heck??!!!


Cleaning out the print queue stops the printing, but this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I PRINT!  Do I have to manually clear the que every time?   Not acceptable.


Canon - Fix this!

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