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Software scan button will not reset - Pixma MX350 & ICA driver 4.0.0 Mac El Capitan


The "scan" button will not reset for me after a scan using the document feeder on my Pixma MX350.  I am running Mac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan using Image Capture v 6.7 and Canon's ICA scan driver 4.0.0.  I believe the problem to be the ICA scan driver since the scan button resets when doing flatbed scans but not when doing document feeder scans. 


Another piece of evidence is that the VueScan third party scanning driver/app for Mac does reset its scan button after document feeder scans on the same printer.  I have also received the error message in the Image Capture app that "no document is loaded" in the document feeder desptie the document being inserted and the scanner beeping to tell me that the document is fully inserted. 


It appears that the driver is not recognizing the signal from the printer that a new document has been inserted into the feeder.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?




Product Expert
Product Expert



Try scanning with our MP Navigator program instead.


Return to our website at to download the latest Scanner Driver (17.7.1b) and the MP Navigator EX program for the printer.  The MP Navigator has options for scanning from the ADF.


If additional assistance is needed, find more help at Contact Us.



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Thank you for the suggestion Michael.  However prior to the recent driver update the scanner correctly reset the ADF status when scanning with image Capture and I am seeking a fix or a workaround to continue my workflow the way it is curently configured.  I do have another program, VueScan, that offers a LOT more control and since it uses a properietary driver the ADF resets correctly.  I do not want to add another program to my workflow.  Can you tell me how this driver issue can get reported to someone who is responsible for fixing bugs?



Hi smjPenn91,


We ask that you please contact one of our live technical support representatives at 1-866-261-9362, Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays) for further assistance.  There is no charge for the call.

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