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Printer trays don't make sense.


I just got a Canon LBP622C,


It's all set up, drivers working etc.


BUT, The driver says there are TWO trays MPT, and Tray 1.

The setup menu on the printer says there are TWO trays, MPT and Tray 1


But when I send something to the printer, regardless of whether from Word, or Adobe, or whatever, the print gets spooled in the printer queue, only to get stuck. When I look at the printer display it tells me Tray 1 is empty (it's not) but then says Tray 2 has paper, and if I arrow down to this mythical tray 2, it will finally print.. THERE IS NO TRAY 2!. The settings menu on the printer itself says there are only MPT and Tray 1. So WTH!


Canon support can't be contacted, cause their support website is made as if they had an engineer, a coder, a village mystic, an ancient language expert and a genie design it.


What is going on? I try searching the web for the problem but all I get are support and forum posts about other printers. It's as if the world printer support community pretends this printer doesn't exist.


Please help?



Hi CaelynTek.


By default, the LBP622Cdw features a paper drawer (Tray 1) and a Multipurpose Tray (MPT).  The paper settings on the computer will take priority over any paper settings on the printer itself, so ensure you're changing the paper type and feed source in the driver (Windows) or print screen (Mac OS).


Please also keep in mind that some software, such as Adobe's suite of creative software, tend to use their own proprietary print screens; in such a case, refer to the software's documentation and support for directions on accessing the relevant settings.


If this answered your question, please click the Accept as Solution button, so others might find the answer.

It is not the application printing from nor the PC that is the problem. It's that the printer, as soon as anything is sent to it from any application or any computer, suddenly thinks it has a tray 2, and thinks that is the only tray that has paper. I used to work in desktop support, and everyone I know now that works in desktop support says that printers are the devil. Well this one is the devil's crazy uncle. It shouldn't be this hard.

I have checked the print settings for every application of tried to print from, I've checked the printer settings in Windows. Every single one of them says to print from Tray 1, and like I said this printer's own settings, on the screen directly on the top of the printer, says there are only two trays. Tray one, and multi-purpose tray. So why is it when I send a print job destined to use Tray 1 via the settings in the application and in Windows, the printers suddenly thinks it has a tray 2? A tray which I have to manually switch it to from the top of the printer if I want anything to print. It shouldn't be this **bleep** hard.

CaelynTek did you ever find a solution to this problem, or did you give up? My new printer is doing the same thing and if there's no solution I'm absolutely returning it, I don't want to have to go press a button for an imaginary tray every time I print something, ha. If you found a workaround or a fix, I'd love to know about it.
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