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Print quality issue with new 046 laser cartridges (cyan, magenta yellow) and MF733Cdw laser printer


I routinely have replaced the 046 cartridges in my MF733Cdw laser printer without problem. Multiple times, no problems.  But in March I installed three brand new ones and they are not printing correctly.

The most recent batch (January 2024, Amazon purchase) was the FIRST time I got these with a plastic pull-out strip hanging out the end of the cartridge.  Per the Canon website, I pulled those plastic strips out (trashed them) and installed the cyan, yellow and magenta cartridges into the printer.  I did the usual gentle shaking of the refills, etc.  These refills were supposedly new and came in the official factory cardboard boxes and plastic shells inside.

I wasn't having this problem previously, but now the three colors printed are very weak.  I did not need to replace the black cartridge and it is not having this problem.  None of the maintenance routines are helping.  Is there a problem with the Canon refill cartridges being defective?  All three cartridges have date stamps on them of 202306 (and then add one of 12, 15, 18).

Anyone have this same problem, and a solution to it?